Bar Cabinet

Did you grow up with grandparents that had a disco ball, dance floor, jukebox and a massive Bar Cabinet?

Well, those memories are reminiscent of a past where large was in charge, and drinks were poured heavy. As trends change, the classic Bar Cabinet needs to progress as well.

The size has narrowed, the height extended, and the complexity diminished. No longer do we embrace the archaic plywood box with composite panels composed of glue, sawdust and ugliness. No longer do we need to endure the misery that emanates from formica table tops, or a massive chunk of epoxy that continually shows the water mark.

Concrete, steel, and a simple burst of hardwoods. Those three simple elements paired with a quality leather elbow rest and the occasional distressed feature will endure with a timelessness found in no box store. The incorporated lighting is complaisant, adjustable, and thus – sets the mood.

These Bar Cabinets are commissioned, require a few weeks for manufacturing and include free delivery and setup in Portland Metro. Typical weights far exceed your normal style cabinetry, require a proper decking or footing for placement.

Different Styles of cement, steel/aluminum, and various species of hardwood can be ordered. Colors and finishes are abstract.