Pageant Dressing Table with Curves

As it turns out, one of the classiest pieces of furniture that dates back centuries, is the dressing table.

Otherwise known as a Makeup Vanity, Vanity Table, Bedroom Vanity, Mirrored Vanity or Makeup Table.

Instead of following tradition and making a square table (blah), we decided to give this baby some curves. Elegant, timeless materials, and the ability to break it down for moving. By all means, this piece is substantial in weight, but proportionate.

The design is best suited for a corner nook, but equally as deserving for the centerpiece of any spa or bedroom. Storage is open, sturdy and provides an opportunity for presentation.

Crafted here in Oregon using American Steel, American Cement and locally harvested hardwoods. This piece of furniture has a modular design allowing different configurations and table top sizes. Cement colors are optional, can be acid stained and manufactured using different species of hardwood.

The legs are cast using various components such as hardwood feet, steel inner support chassis and cement stiles with protruding bolts. In conjunction with some vintage nuts and hardware, those protruding bolts provide anchorage for shelving and structural support.

Assembly begins with the legs, that are attached to the shelving, followed with setting the table top, and finished with the mirrors. Thus tying all items together in a rigid fashion that is just as easily disassembled. All it takes is a helpmate and a wrench.

The beauty of using cement for the table top: hot items such as curling irons and hair dryers won’t phase it.

Delivery and Installation is free in the Portland Metro. Delivery fees will apply in outlying areas. If you own a salon and would like a some custom solutions, do inquire…