Concrete Park Bench

The classic park bench is ready for a makeover.

A bench truly serves a purpose as the focal point for any park or backyard setting that deserves an audience.  A proper audience needs to be comfortable.

A proper bench needs to be comfortable, strong, and timeless in design.  A practical concrete bench also needs to withstand the severe elements the Pacific Northwest can deliver.

An exclusive feature with our design is the vent holes placed throughout the bench that allows for more comfort and lends to cleanliness with the draining capabilities.  Not all benches need to be straight nor narrow.  If the meandering flow of a bench is what you desire, no problem, our unique forming process allows for us to design and manufacture nearly any shape or form.

Optional posh backrests are constructed from steel or aluminum.  The sky is the limit when it comes to designing the backrest thanks to the modular attachments incorporated within the bench and stand.

These concrete benches are built to order, customizable, and often quotes will include installation costs.  Some of the larger park benches require a proper concrete footing and reinforcement to achieve a stable platform.

Utilizing todays most advanced construction techniques, allows for keeping the installation clean, the site unharmed and completed in just a few hours.