Polished Cement Plant Box

Made in Oregon for Growing in Oregon

3 gallon, 5 gallon and 7 gallon square boxes available spring 17′.

Are you the type that prefers a square box, out-of-square box, or possibly the round shape has a particular fondness in the heart? Do read on…

Molded and manufactured using the same high quality standards we deploy in all our products, these plant boxes feature a unique feature: a drain. With internal copper piping, silver solder and an external valve, these plant boxes will encompass a fertility year after year after year.

No plastic, no toxin, no voc. Ideal for any organic minded green thumb.

Standard features allows for soil or hydroponic style setups.

High Speed Diamond Polished for a superior fit and finish, finished with 100% natural wax. Zero voc

Please allow for 1-2 week delivery times in the Portland Metro. Please inquire about outlying areas, or plant boxes in various shapes and sizes not shown. Commissioned plant boxes require deposit and may exceed normal turn-around times depending on size and quantities.