Product Policy:

Most products we produce are unique, commissioned and thus original in nature. Return policy is non-existent for commissioned pieces. We strive to provide to you the highest quality product. We strive to use the highest quality materials available at the time of commissioning. We do provide a one-year guarantee on workmanship and installation. The three elements we use for construction are metal, concrete and wood. Metal, is one of the most robust materials man has ever accomplished to manufacture (thus we never see problems in using this material). Concrete, we all know is used for highways, bridges, and skyscrapers (thus we never see problems in using this material). Wood, that is the flare of our projects, and often time the emphasis for using certain stock is due to the knots, cracks, and visual appeal. A lot of the wood stock used in our projects is reclaimed, has nail holes, mineral stains, and shows the ages. Thus, as is the case with all the materials we use, we never see problems associated with the woods used in manufacturing our products. Finish products we use on the wood are Ultra-low VOC, water based, and UV resistant, thus never yellowing. What you see is what you get, and we strive to ensure the product maintains that look through it’s life span. If anything, as these products age, and are used in life, the wear and tear will only enhance the appeal.

Website Policy:

This website does not contain nor collect any financial information from you. This website is only for imagery, advertisement of our products. This website does capture Google Analytics, but that data set is limited in nature, and does not contain any personal information about you. You are free to browse this website, but please avoid logging in, or another notorious activities, your stream will get banned. This website uses a third party vendor to maintain a healthy flow of visitors, thus blocking droids, androids, or zombies. If you plan on contacting us, please use the email address that can be found on the homepage menu, or other handy locations. This website is static in nature, mirroring the website as to keep the integrity of the information contained within.

Continual updates are occurring, and certain downtimes will occur for maintenance. No express guarantees are implied or offered by using this website.