Polished Cement Plant Box

Made in Oregon for Growing in Oregon

3 gallon, 5 gallon and 7 gallon square boxes available spring 17′.

Are you the type that prefers a square box, out-of-square box, or possibly the round shape has a particular fondness in the heart? Do read on…

Molded and manufactured using the same high quality standards we deploy in all our products, these plant boxes feature a unique feature: a drain. With internal copper piping, silver solder and an external valve, these plant boxes will encompass a fertility year after year after year.

No plastic, no toxin, no voc. Ideal for any organic minded green thumb.

Standard features allows for soil or hydroponic style setups.

High Speed Diamond Polished for a superior fit and finish, finished with 100% natural wax. Zero voc

Please allow for 1-2 week delivery times in the Portland Metro. Please inquire about outlying areas, or plant boxes in various shapes and sizes not shown. Commissioned plant boxes require deposit and may exceed normal turn-around times depending on size and quantities.

Bar Cabinet

Did you grow up with grandparents that had a disco ball, dance floor, jukebox and a massive Bar Cabinet?

Well, those memories are reminiscent of a past where large was in charge, and drinks were poured heavy. As trends change, the classic Bar Cabinet needs to progress as well.

The size has narrowed, the height extended, and the complexity diminished. No longer do we embrace the archaic plywood box with composite panels composed of glue, sawdust and ugliness. No longer do we need to endure the misery that emanates from formica table tops, or a massive chunk of epoxy that continually shows the water mark.

Concrete, steel, and a simple burst of hardwoods. Those three simple elements paired with a quality leather elbow rest and the occasional distressed feature will endure with a timelessness found in no box store. The incorporated lighting is complaisant, adjustable, and thus – sets the mood.

These Bar Cabinets are commissioned, require a few weeks for manufacturing and include free delivery and setup in Portland Metro. Typical weights far exceed your normal style cabinetry, require a proper decking or footing for placement.

Different Styles of cement, steel/aluminum, and various species of hardwood can be ordered. Colors and finishes are abstract.

Pageant Dressing Table with Curves

As it turns out, one of the classiest pieces of furniture that dates back centuries, is the dressing table.

Otherwise known as a Makeup Vanity, Vanity Table, Bedroom Vanity, Mirrored Vanity or Makeup Table.

Instead of following tradition and making a square table (blah), we decided to give this baby some curves. Elegant, timeless materials, and the ability to break it down for moving. By all means, this piece is substantial in weight, but proportionate.

The design is best suited for a corner nook, but equally as deserving for the centerpiece of any spa or bedroom. Storage is open, sturdy and provides an opportunity for presentation.

Crafted here in Oregon using American Steel, American Cement and locally harvested hardwoods. This piece of furniture has a modular design allowing different configurations and table top sizes. Cement colors are optional, can be acid stained and manufactured using different species of hardwood.

The legs are cast using various components such as hardwood feet, steel inner support chassis and cement stiles with protruding bolts. In conjunction with some vintage nuts and hardware, those protruding bolts provide anchorage for shelving and structural support.

Assembly begins with the legs, that are attached to the shelving, followed with setting the table top, and finished with the mirrors. Thus tying all items together in a rigid fashion that is just as easily disassembled. All it takes is a helpmate and a wrench.

The beauty of using cement for the table top: hot items such as curling irons and hair dryers won’t phase it.

Delivery and Installation is free in the Portland Metro. Delivery fees will apply in outlying areas. If you own a salon and would like a some custom solutions, do inquire…

Cement Backsplash

Anyone who grew up with tiles, grout and a taste for tomato sauce knows the pains of cleaning that cooking disaster.

Grout is notorious for staining and discoloring, along with the nearly impossible battle to keep clean.

The solution we have found is a continuous solid surface manufactured from cement. These beauties are seamless, fit nicely underneath cabinetry and super tough!

Available in various shade of colors, stains. Diamond Polished, Sealed, and ready for any tomato sauce you can throw at it.

Normal thickness is 1.25″ for lengths up to 10′-12′. Thinner backsplash panels require shorter spans and may require a single butt joint. Shoot an inquiry, happy to answer any questions.

Custom Design and Installation In-House for Portland Metro Homes, Studios, and Restaurants.

Concrete Park Bench

The classic park bench is ready for a makeover.

A bench truly serves a purpose as the focal point for any park or backyard setting that deserves an audience.  A proper audience needs to be comfortable.

A proper bench needs to be comfortable, strong, and timeless in design.  A practical concrete bench also needs to withstand the severe elements the Pacific Northwest can deliver.

An exclusive feature with our design is the vent holes placed throughout the bench that allows for more comfort and lends to cleanliness with the draining capabilities.  Not all benches need to be straight nor narrow.  If the meandering flow of a bench is what you desire, no problem, our unique forming process allows for us to design and manufacture nearly any shape or form.

Optional posh backrests are constructed from steel or aluminum.  The sky is the limit when it comes to designing the backrest thanks to the modular attachments incorporated within the bench and stand.

These concrete benches are built to order, customizable, and often quotes will include installation costs.  Some of the larger park benches require a proper concrete footing and reinforcement to achieve a stable platform.

Utilizing todays most advanced construction techniques, allows for keeping the installation clean, the site unharmed and completed in just a few hours.


Floating Concrete Shelves with Hidden Steel Brackets

The floating shelf is one of the most popular and attractive features for any home or office.

The trick with a floating shelf is the attachment to the wall and studs using specialized hardware.

The solution using concrete and an inner steel support chassis allows for the installer to properly attach the shelf to a wall.  The two components needed for installation are the exclusive brackets we manufacture here in our shop and the concrete shelf.

During the installation, the drywall is removed, brackets placed, drywall patched and painted then the concrete shelf is placed last.

For Professional Installation

Concrete Coffee and Book Tables

Update: Just acquired a new piece of Walnut. This slab will play part in the first rectangular concrete coffee table for our shop. Time to plane this piece down to a luster and finish worthy of any english castle or cottage 🙂

Today felt like a good day to share some of the ideas currently in process. Here in the shop, we like to design and build components that are stylish, usable and of the utmost quality.

Diamond Polished Cement Tops – Welded American Steel Chassis – Bolt Together Design
The combination of steel and concrete makes for the ultimate coffee table. These tables are a beast!  Due to the weight and size of these tables, we have featured a bolt together design for easy moving and assembly.

Just like the other products we manufacture, the coffee and book tables are easily customized with different finishes, colors and techniques.

Delivery and Setup Included in the Portland Metro.  Outlying areas an additional surcharge will be quoted.  If your interested in additional items or multiple pieces,  or live beyond the Portland Metro,  we can do that!

Introducing the Bathroom Vanity Line

Monolithic Cement Sink and Stand

Ever visit a big box store in search of a bathroom vanity only to find the horror of particle board behind the fancy faux facade?

Products made from particle board are a terrible idea for any home. Not only are the product produced from particle board expensive, they just don’t handle the wear and tear of daily life. The real question is why? Why should a home owner have to buy something twice? So, in response, here is a solution:

Bathroom vanities in various standard widths with single monolithic sinks crafted from our exclusive molds that we manufacture. These ready to install bathroom vanities offer a modular design that allows for various color, wood tone and metal finishes. The modular design and finish options are nearly endless.

Designed and Manufactured in Oregon by Craftsman using American made steel, American made cement and locally grown soft and hardwoods.

Counter Top Sizes:
Single Sink = 24″ wide, 30″ wide, 36″ wide
Double Sink = 48″ wide, 60″ wide,
Various Countertop Heights Available 30″ – 36″ tall

Cement Counter Top Colors:
Natural Light Gray
Dark Gray
Acid Stained (+$)

Metal Stand Finishes and Colors:
Raw Steel w/clear coat
Primed Steel
Powder Coated (+$)
Brushed Aluminum (+$)
Polished Aluminum (+$)

Wood Grade and Stain:
Red Oak
Madrone (+$)
Teak (+$)
White Oak (+$)
Walnut (+$)
Reclaimed Old Growth Douglas Fir (+$)
Reclaimed Old Growth Cedar (+$)
Note: Marine Grade clear coat is the standard finish. Optional techniques like distressing, antiquing and darkening are available.

Cement Counter Tops for Vessel Sinks Available

Virtually Indestructible Countertops and Tables

Under Mount Sink with Concrete Countertops and Aluminum Edging

If you are looking for a counter top or table that is nearly impossible to destroy, welcome!

Made in Oregon, our products use the combination of metal and concrete with the additional flare of hardwoods to achieve a component that is unique, solid, and very usable. Competitive pricing, superior quality and timely turn-arounds with a throughput that can meet any goal.

Do you have a commercial setting that needs tables, desks or other furniture pieces? Looking for custom, and quality? Lets talk!

Concrete CounterTops Manufactured in Oregon
Concrete CounterTops Manufactured in Oregon